Usain Bolt of Jamaica wins Gold in Men’s 200m Race

World’s fastest man – Usain Bolt won the Gold medal in the Men’s 200m race of Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Thursday, August 18 at the Olympic Stadium to get more closer to creating history by becoming the first athlete to achieve a triple treble.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica wins Gold in Men's 200m Race

Usain Bolt of Jamaica won the race with a time of 19.78 seconds to win the gold medal being clear of the field, by a good body length, but misshing his world record time of 19.19 seconds, which he aimed to break.

Andre De Grasse of Canada won the silver medal in the event with a time of 20.02 seconds.

Christophe Lemaitre of France won the bronze medal in the event finishing third, with a time of 20.12 seconds.

Now Bolt just need’s to win Gold in Men’s 4 x 100m relay to complete his triple treble and become only one in this world to ever achieve that feat.

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