Team United States wins Gold in Women’s Eight Rowing

United States Rowers won the Women’s Eight Rowing event of Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Saturday.

Team United States wins Gold in Women's Eight Rowing

The U.S. Women’s Eight Rowing team consisting of Amanda Elmore, Tessa Gobbo, Eleanor Logan, Meghan Musnicki, Amanda Polk, Emily Regan, Lauren Schmetterling and Kerry Simmonds finished first with a time of 6:01.49 to win the gold medal.

This is their third Straight Olympic Gold in Women’s Eight Rowing event. That’s not all, the U.S. women’s eight is a seemingly invincible boat, with 11 consecutive world and Olympic titles since 2006.

Team of Great Britain consisting of Katie Greves, Melanie Wilson, Frances Houghton, Polly Swann, Jessica Eddie, Olivia Carnegie-Brown, Karen Bennett, Zoe Lee and Zoe De Toledo won the silver medal with a time of 6:03.98.

Romanian team of Roxana Cogianu, Ioana Strungaru, Milhaela Petrilă, Iuliana Popa, Mădălina Beres, Laura Oprea, Adelina Bogus, Andreea Boghian and Daniela Druncea won the bronze medal finishing third with a time of 6:04.10.

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