Russian weightlifters banned from Rio 2016 Olympics

Russian athletes are in news these days, thanks to all wrong reasons. More than 100 Russian athletes are suffering a ban for the upcoming Rio 2016 Summer Olympics after revelations of government-run doping scandal.

First all 67 track and field athletes were banned, followed by ban of 22 Russian Rowers, 7 Swimmers and 5 Canoe Athletes. Now its turn of Russia’s weightlifting team.

Weightlifting federation bans Russian team from Rio 2016 Olympics

International Weightlifting Federation banned the entire Russian weightlifting team from Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.

The eight competition spots have been offered to other countries.

Weightlifting became the second sport after track and field to issue blanket bans on Russian athletes.

To replace the eight Russian lifters in Rio, five countries were offered places in the men’s competition — Belarus, Croatia, El Salvador, Mongolia and Serbia. For the women, Albania, Georgia and Moldova became eligible.

Russia’s Sports Minister said 272 of the original 387 athletes selected had been cleared to complete in Rio.

A final figure is expected on Saturday, with the federations of boxing, golf, gymnastics and taekwondo still to confirm their decisions.

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games get under way on 5th August 2016.

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