Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony Start Time (Country Wise)

The Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics Games Ceremony is scheduled to take place few hours from now.

Olympic Games – the world’s largest sporting event takes place every four years and it is started every time with a grand opening ceremony.

Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Billions of sports enthusiast around the world like to watch the Opening Ceremony of Olympic Games as it is always a grand event.

I am sure you also want to watch the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony LIVE in their respective countries in their timezones when it happens at the Brazil’s iconic Maracanã Stadium.

I am sure you might be searching for Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony Start Times Worldwide.

Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony Start Time (Country Wise) :

In Host nation, Brazil, the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will take place at 20:00 hrs BRT (Local Time). This corresponds to (23:00 UTC). The opening ceremony is a five hour long event.

Country Name Day Local Time
Afghanistan Saturday 3:30:00 AM
Argentina Friday 8:00:00 PM
Australia (Sydney) Saturday 9:00:00 AM
Austria Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Bangladesh Saturday 5:00:00 AM
Belgium Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Canada (Vancouver) Friday 4:00:00 PM
Chile Friday 7:00:00 PM
China Saturday 7:00:00 AM
Colombia Friday 6:00:00 PM
Croatia Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Cuba Friday 7:00:00 PM
Czech Republic Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Denmark Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Egypt Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Finland Saturday 2:00:00 AM
France Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Germany Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Greece Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Honduras Friday 5:00:00 PM
Hong Kong Saturday 7:00:00 AM
Hungary Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Iceland Friday 11:00:00 PM
India Saturday 4:30:00 AM
Indonesia Saturday 7:00:00 AM
Iran Saturday 3:30:00 AM
Iraq Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Ireland Saturday 12:00:00 AM
Israel Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Italy Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Jamaica Friday 6:00:00 PM
Japan Saturday 8:00:00 AM
Kazakhstan Saturday 5:00:00 AM
Kenya Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Kuwait Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Lithunia Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Malaysia Saturday 7:00:00 AM
Mexico Friday 6:00:00 PM
Nepal Saturday 4:45:00 AM
Netherlands Saturday 1:00:00 AM
New Zealand (Auckland) Saturday 11:00:00 AM
Nigeria Saturday 12:00:00 AM
Norway Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Pakistan Saturday 4:00:00 AM
Philippines Saturday 7:00:00 AM
Portugal Saturday 12:00:00 AM
Qatar Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Romania Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Russia (Moscow) Saturday 2:00:00 AM
Serbia Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Singapore Saturday 7:00:00 AM
South Africa Saturday 1:00:00 AM
South Korea Saturday 8:00:00 AM
Spain Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Sri Lanka Saturday 4:30:00 AM
Sweden Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Switzerland Saturday 1:00:00 AM
Thailand Saturday 6:00:00 AM
Ukraine Saturday 2:00:00 AM
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Saturday 3:00:00 AM
Unites States of America Friday 4:00:00 PM
Uruguay Friday 8:00:00 PM
Venezuela Friday 7:00:00 PM
Zimbabwe Saturday 1:00:00 AM

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