Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony Start Time (Country Wise)

The Closing Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics Games Ceremony is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 21st August 2016.

Olympic Games – the world’s largest sporting event takes place every four years and just like its opening ceremony, its closing ceremony too is grand !

Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony

Billions of sports enthusiast around the world like to watch the Closing Ceremony of Olympic Games as well as it is always a grand event.

I am sure you also want to watch the Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony LIVE in their respective countries in their timezones when it happens at the Brazil’s iconic Maracanã Stadium.

I am sure you might be searching for Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony Start Times Worldwide.

Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony Start Time (Country Wise) :

In Host nation, Brazil, the Closing Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will take place on Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 20:00 hrs BRT (Local Time). This corresponds to (23:00 UTC).

The closing ceremony is a two – three hour long event.

Country Name Day Local Time
Afghanistan Monday 3:30:00 AM
Argentina Sunday 8:00:00 PM
Australia (Sydney) Monday 9:00:00 AM
Austria Monday 1:00:00 AM
Bangladesh Monday 5:00:00 AM
Belgium Monday 1:00:00 AM
Canada (Vancouver) Sunday 4:00:00 PM
Chile Sunday 7:00:00 PM
China Monday 7:00:00 AM
Colombia Sunday 6:00:00 PM
Croatia Monday 1:00:00 AM
Cuba Sunday 7:00:00 PM
Czech Republic Monday 1:00:00 AM
Denmark Monday 1:00:00 AM
Egypt Monday 1:00:00 AM
Finland Monday 2:00:00 AM
France Monday 1:00:00 AM
Germany Monday 1:00:00 AM
Greece Monday 2:00:00 AM
Honduras Sunday 5:00:00 PM
Hong Kong Monday 7:00:00 AM
Hungary Monday 1:00:00 AM
Iceland Sunday 11:00:00 PM
India Monday 4:30:00 AM
Indonesia Monday 7:00:00 AM
Iran Monday 3:30:00 AM
Iraq Monday 2:00:00 AM
Ireland Monday 12:00:00 AM
Israel Monday 2:00:00 AM
Italy Monday 1:00:00 AM
Jamaica Sunday 6:00:00 PM
Japan Monday 8:00:00 AM
Kazakhstan Monday 5:00:00 AM
Kenya Monday 2:00:00 AM
Kuwait Monday 2:00:00 AM
Lithunia Monday 2:00:00 AM
Malaysia Monday 7:00:00 AM
Mexico Sunday 6:00:00 PM
Nepal Monday 4:45:00 AM
Netherlands Monday 1:00:00 AM
New Zealand (Auckland) Monday 11:00:00 AM
Nigeria Monday 12:00:00 AM
Norway Monday 1:00:00 AM
Pakistan Monday 4:00:00 AM
Philippines Monday 7:00:00 AM
Portugal Monday 12:00:00 AM
Qatar Monday 2:00:00 AM
Romania Monday 2:00:00 AM
Russia (Moscow) Monday 2:00:00 AM
Serbia Monday 1:00:00 AM
Singapore Monday 7:00:00 AM
South Africa Monday 1:00:00 AM
South Korea Monday 8:00:00 AM
Spain Monday 1:00:00 AM
Sri Lanka Monday 4:30:00 AM
Sweden Monday 1:00:00 AM
Switzerland Monday 1:00:00 AM
Thailand Monday 6:00:00 AM
Ukraine Monday 2:00:00 AM
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Monday 3:00:00 AM
Unites States of America Sunday 4:00:00 PM
Uruguay Sunday 8:00:00 PM
Venezuela Sunday 7:00:00 PM
Zimbabwe Monday 1:00:00 AM

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