Rio 2016 Olympic Opening, Closing Ceremonies to be low-budget

Some details about opening and closing ceremonies for Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics are out !

According to media reports, the opening and closing ceremonies for Rio Olympics and Paralympics will be low-budget productions compared to 2010 London Olympic and 2008 Beijing Olympic ceremonies.

Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony Photo

Rio is spending about 39 billion reals ($10 billion) in public and private money to prepare the games while London had spent about 80 million pounds ($104 million at 2012 exchange rates) on these ceremonies.

The opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will take place in the MaracanĂ£ Stadium on 5th August 2016 while the closing ceremony will also take place at the same venue on 21st August 2016.

The austerity reflects the reality of Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which open in just over 10 months and are caught up in the economic and political upheaval besetting Brazil.

The country is in a recession, inflation has reached 10 percent and there are calls to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.

Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony Photo

Andrucha Waddington, another awarding-winning filmmaker who is part of the creative team for the opening and closing ceremony, promised the ceremonies would reflect all of Brazil’s roots — from its indigenous people to the 5 million African slaves who arrived in chains — 10 times more than arrived in the United States.

“I can say it will be from A to Z in the show,” Waddington said. “And we will talk about this diversity. We are confident the show we will be outstanding without an outstanding budget.”

“We should hide as much as we can,” he added. “The surprise factor is very important.”

Note : Soon we will have Live Streaming, Live Telecast, Photos, Videos of Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony, Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony.

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