Maracanãzinho Arena (Maracana)

Maracanãzinho Arena (Full Name – Ginásio Gilberto Cardoso / Portuguese: Ginásio do Maracanãzinho), commonly known as Little Maracanã is the traditional home of volleyball in Brazil.

The venue is located very near to the iconic Maracanã stadium.

Maracanãzinho Arena (Maracana) - Rio 2016 Venue

Capacity : 12,000 (During Olympics)
Sports :  Volleyball

The venue will host the Volleyball tournament during the Summer Olympics and then host the Sitting Volleyball tournament during the Paralympic Games.

Opened in 1954, the Maracanãzinho arena was renovated for the 2007 Pan-American Games.

The venue also hosted the 2013 World Judo Championships.

Note : Soon we will have here Video of Maracanãzinho Stadium. Visit again.

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