Katinka Hosszú of Hungary wins Gold in Women’s 400m Individual Medley Swimming

Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu won the gold medal in the Women’s 400 m Individual Medley Swimming event of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium.

Katinka Hosszú of Hungary wins Gold in Women's 400 m Individual Medley Swimming

Katinka Hosszu dominated the women’s 400-meter individual medley, setting a new world record in the event with a time of 4:26.36. The previous best was set by China’s Ye Shiwen at the London 2016 Olympic Games with a time of 4:28.43.

She was so fast that she ended beating the second place finisher by nearly five seconds.

Maya DiRado of United States came in second with a time of 4:31.15 to win the Silver medal while Mireia Belmonte of Spain grabbed the Bronze medal with a time of 4:32.39.

Defending Champion and previous world record holder, Ye Shiwen of China failed to make it to the finals.

Katinka Hosszu (Gold), Maya DiRado (Silver), Mireia Belmonte (Spain) - Rio 2016 Women’s 400m Individual Medley Winners

In the photo above you can see, Katinka Hosszu (Gold) in centre, Maya DiRado (Silver) at Left, Mireia Belmonte (Spain) at Right on the podium during medal presentation ceremony.

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