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Rio 2016 – Biggest Sporting Event on the Planet !

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics i.e., the 2016 Summer Olympics (Portuguese: Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016), officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad is a major international multi-sport event celebrated in the tradition of the Olympic Games, as governed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and hence it is officially known as Rio 2016 also.

It will be for the first time that any South American city will host the Olympics Games.

The 2016 Summer Olympics will take place from 3rd August to 21 August 2016 and more than 10,500 athletes from 205 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) will take part in this sporting event.

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The Opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Supper Olympics will take place on 5th August 2016 and the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Supper Olympics will take place on 21st August 2016. Both these ceremonies will take place at the in the Maracanã Stadium.

Rio 2016 Sporting Events :

Rio 2016 Olympics Sporting Events

The 2016 Summer Olympic programme features 28 sports and a total of 42 disciplines and 306 medal events. Two new sporting events – Golf and Rugby are being included for the first time in Summer Olympic Games.

The 42 sporting disciplines of the 2016 Summer Olympics are -

Aquatics (Diving, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo), Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing (Slalom, Sprint), Cycling (BMX, Mountain Biking, Road, Track), Equestrian (Dressage, Eventing, Jumping), Fencing, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline), Handball, Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Rugby Sevens, Sailing, Shooting, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball), Weightlifting, Wrestling (Freestyle, Greco-Roman)

Rio 2016 Venues:

These sporting events will take place across 33 venues spread across 4 regions of the city namely – Barra, Copacabana, Maracana and Deodoro.

Rio 2016 Olympics Venues

Venues in Barra Region - Carioca Arena 1, Carioca Arena 2, Carioca Arena 3, Future Arena, Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre, Olympic Aquatics Stadium, Olympic Golf Course, Olympic Tennis Centre, Riocentro – Pavilion 2, Riocentro – Pavilion 3, Riocentro – Pavilion 4, Riocentro – Pavilion 6, Rio Olympic Arena, Rio Olympic Velodrome, Pontal

Venues in Copacabana Region - Beach Volleyball Arena, Fort Copacabana, Lagoa Stadium, Marina da Gloria

Venues in Maracana Region - Olympic Stadium, Julio de Lamare Aquatics Centre, Maracana, Maracanazinho, Sambodromo

Venues in Deodoro Region - Deodoro Aquatics Centre, Deodoro Stadium, Mountain Bike Track, Olympic BMX Centre, Olympic Equestrian Centre, Olympic Hockey Centre, Olympic Shooting Centre, Whitewater Stadium, Youth Arena.

Venues for the Football Matches outside Rio de Janeiro – Mané Garrincha National Stadium in Brasília, Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, Arena da Amazônia in Manaus

Official Logo of Rio 2016 Summer Olympics :

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Logo

The official Logo of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics was designed by Brazilian company named Tatil Design.

It was unveiled on December 31, 2010.

The official Logo of Rio 2016 represents three figures in yellow, green, and blue colors (Colors of Brazilian flag) joined at the arms and in a triple embrace, with the overall shape reflecting that of Sugarloaf Mountain situated in Rio de Janeiro.

Download the official logo of Rio 2016 !!!

Rio 2016 Official Mascot – Vinicius and Tom :

Rio 2016 Mascots - Vinicius and Tom

Vinicius is the official Mascot of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics while Tom is the official Mascot of the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics.

The Olympic mascot Vinicius is named after musician Vinicius de Moraes. Vinicius represents Brazilian wildlife, primarily carrying design traits of mammals. The agility of cats, sway of monkeys and grace of birds. He can stretch his arms and legs as much as he wants.

The Paralympic mascot Tom is named after the musician Tom Jobim. Tom represents the plants of Brazilian forests and can pull any object from his head of leaves.

The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic mascots are best friends and neighbours in Tijuca Forest.

Rio 2016 Official Theme Song :

“The great gods of Olympus visit Rio de Janeiro” is the official theme song of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Rio 2016 Tickets :

Rio 2016 Tickets

A total of 7.5 million tickets will be sold for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games and ticket prices range from R$40 for many events to R$4.600 for the most expensive seats at the opening ceremony.

Sales of Rio 2016 Olympics Tickets will start in the first half of 2015. >> For More Information about Rio 2016 Tickets Click Here

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