2016 Rio Olympics Tickets Sale Starts : BUY Online

Rio 2016 Tickets

Tickets Go on Sale for 2016 Rio Olympics !

Good news for sports fans across the world, as the first phase of sale of tickets for the Rio 2016 Olympics began on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 with the first pre-sale draw.

Rio 2016 Tickets went on sale despite uncertainty about the football tournament.

Around 7.5 million tickets are available to fans, but none for football games in Sao Paulo because the city and local Olympic organizers were not able to reach a deal ahead of the opening of the sales.

Around 70 % of the tickets are reserved for Brazilians.

I am sure you might be searching about Rio 2016 Ticket Prices and how to buy Rio 2016 Olympic Tickets Online.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Tickets

Pre-Sale Draws of Rio 2016 Olympics Tickets :

For the first of the two pre-sale draws for the Rio 2016 Tickets, Brazalian citizens can apply from March 31 to April 30, 2015 and the draw results will be announced in the month of June.

The second pre-sale draw will take place in July and its results will be announced in August. However people who entered in the first draw can only take part in the second draw.

After these two pre-sale draws, the online sales phase of Rio 2016 Tickets for Brazilian residents will start in October this year.

Rio 2016 Ticket Prices :

All the tickets for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are priced in the Brazalian currency i.e., Brazilian Real (Reais).

The cheapest or call it the most affordable of the 7.5 million tickets are priced at 40 reais (~ USD $ 12.50, EUR € 11.75, GBP £ 8.5) which is less that half of the cheapest tickets of the London 2010 Olympics which were priced at 20 GBP.

The most expensive tickets of the Rio 2016 Olympics are for the basketball, beach volleyball and volleyball finals and they are priced at 1,200 reais (~ USD $ 375, EUR € 352, GBP £ 255). Interestingly this is far above Brazil’s minimum monthly wage of 788 reais.

Around 3.8 million tickets will be available for 70 reais (~ USD $ 22, EUR € 20.5, GBP £ 15)

Brazilians are entitled to discounts for students and senior citizens and the best thing for the locals is that they are allowed to pay for tickets in up to five monthly installments.

Buy Rio 2016 Tickets Online :

Fans can buy Rio 2016 Tickets Online from the official website of Rio 2016.

Rio 2016 Tickets for Foreigners :

If you are not a resident of Brazil, you can purchase the 2016 Rio Olympic tickets only from the Authorised Ticket Re-seller (ATR) appointed for your country or territory.

Click here to find out more about Rio 2016 authorised ticket resellers around the world.

Note : Foreigners may have to shell out more money to buy these tickets from the Authorised Ticket Re-seller. Each ATR has the right to charge a service fee of up to twenty percent of this value, capped at 120 per ticket.

The 2016 Rio Olympics will be held from 5 to 21 August 2015 in Rio de Janeiro but the men’s football tournament starts on 3rd August, two days before the opening ceremony. All competitions will take place in Rio de Janeiro, except for the football matches which will take place in other five venues along with Rio de Janeiro i.e., São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasília and Manaus.

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